Transport dynamics and multi-scale coupling of turbulence in LHD

the LHD Experimental Group

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Spatiotemporal correlation of heat transport and micro- to meso- scale or macro-scale coupling of plasma turbulence are investigated in LHD plasmas, where fast propagation of a cold pulse and a non-local temperature rise are observed. Evidence of a timescale shorter than the diffusion time and a spatial scale longer than the micro-turbulence correlation length between core heat fluxes and edge temperature gradients is found. At the same time, an envelope of turbulent density fluctuations is also found to be modulated. Observation of low frequency (≤ 2 kHz) amplitude modulation of density fluctuation suggests the existence of meso- to macro-scale turbulent structures in the plasma, in which a non-local temperature rise takes place. Relationships between the turbulence with long radial correlation length and the edge-core coupling of heat transport are discussed.

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