Thermal stability of high current density magnets

K. Ishibashi, M. Wake, M. Kobayashi, A. Katase

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The stabilization theories hitherto proposed for superconducting (SC) magnets are not fully developed for application to high current density magnets such as pulsed dipole magnets for a synchrotron. Hence, thermal stability in such high current density magnets is studied by obtaining a minimum energy of thermal disturbances which barely leads a magnet to quench. To find the minimum energy by calculation a dynamic simulation of temperature distribution along a conductor is carried out following an application of the disturbances on the conductor. The minimum energy is found to depend largely on time duration and spatial length of the disturbances. The values of the minimum energy given by calculation agree almost with the experimental results obtained for a coil which simulates a pulsed dipole magnet from the viewpoint of cooling. Discussion is also made in relation to the minimum energy on the performance of a pancake type solenoid magnet which has the same cooling as in the simulating coil.

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