The missing link in image quality assessment in digital dental radiography

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Digital radiography is gaining popularity among general dental practitioners. It includes digital intraoral radiography, digital panoramic radiography, digital cephalography, and cone-beam computed tomography. In this study, we focused on the methods to assess image quality of these techniques, except for digital cephalography, in the light of historical issues. We stressed on the importance of the development of a standardized phantom and quantitative analysis of diagnostic image quality using it, especially in the aspect of psychophysical properties of these digital systems. There is no missing link in the image quality assessment in digital intraoral radiography and cone-beam computed tomography in dental use. However, there are missing links between physical and diagnostic image qualities in panoramic radiography. The development of a semi-standardized phantom and the corresponding quantitative analysis method for image quality may be required in digital panoramic radiography. Quantitative image quality assessment using a standardized phantom will also be promising in the future artificial intelligence era.

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