The 2011 eruption of Aso volcano, Japan, and its signature on the geomagnetic field measurements

E. M. Takla, H. Odah, E. M. Abd Elaal, A. Yoshikawa, H. Kawano, T. Uozumi

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術誌査読


High-resolution (1-s) geomagnetic data from the MAGDAS Network, Kyushu University, Japan, were examined to detect any local anomalous geomagnetic behavior that is possibly linked with the eruption of the Aso volcano, Kyushu Island, Japan, during 2011. Geomagnetic data recorded in the vicinity of the Aso volcano at the Kuju (KUJ) station, Japan, were analyzed and compared with those recorded at the Darwin (DAW) station in Australia, near the conjugate point of the KUJ station. The KUJ station is located about 20 km northeast of the Aso volcano. The amplitude range of daily variations was calculated and examined for the three geomagnetic components (H-, D-, and Z-components) along with the amplitude of ultra–low-frequency emissions in the Pc3-4 ranges (Pc3; 10–45 s and Pc4; 45–150 s). Data possessing and analysis reveal some local anomalous geomagnetic variations at the KUJ station during the 2011 volcanic activities of the Aso volcano. On the other hand, no anomalous changes were observed at the DAW station during that time. Therefore, the observed anomalous geomagnetic variations are considered to be of a local volcanic origin.

ジャーナルArabian Journal of Geosciences
出版ステータス出版済み - 10月 30 2015

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