Temperature profile in the pressurized methane-air combustor

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Tomonaga Miyazaki, Tomohiko Furuhata, Norio Arai, Noriyuki Kobayashi, Takatoshi Miura

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To develop a pressurized and fuel-rich combustor applicable to the first stage of a chemical gas turbine system newly proposed, we clarified the flammability limits, the components of combustion gas, and the NOx emission characteristics under the pressurized conditions of 1.1-4.1 MPa in a model combustor. In this article, we describe dependence of pressure and equivalence ratio on flame structures of the pressurized combustion with methane and air to obtain detailed data for designing fuel-rich combustors for the gas turbine. The flame under fuel-rich condition at 1 MPa had an underventilated structure like other atmospheric fuel-rich flames, whereas the flame over 1.5 MPa had the shape of a fuel-lean flame. Under fuel-rich conditions there was a smaller dependence on the flame length compared to the flame under fuel-lean conditions. The flame became longer as the pressure was increased under the fuel-lean condition. We simulated numerically the temperature profile in the model combustor using the k - ε turbulent and one-step reaction models, and the simulation results were compared with the experimental data. There were fair agreements between the measured and the simulated temperature profiles.

ジャーナルJournal of Flow Visualization and Image Processing
出版ステータス出版済み - 1998

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