Symmetry-breaking of turbulence structure and position identification in toroidal plasmas

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As a result of the progresses in the study of plasma turbulence, the picture of 'multiple-scale turbulence' is widely accepted, and the 'nonlinear excitation, nonlocal interaction, probabilistic transition' views have been developed. Along the paths of these progresses, importance of new problem, i.e., the symmetry-breaking of turbulence structure (such as up-down asymmetry, excitation of streamer, etc.) is gradually recognized. In this topical review article, we revisit these issues, and illuminate the possibilities that the new progresses (which will be brought about by studying the symmetry-breaking of turbulence) are expected. Examining theoretical predictions and preceding experimental achievements, new advancements, which will be realized, are explained. The experimental study of symmetry-breaking of turbulence structure ultimately requires to measure fluctuations (at all scales) over the whole plasma cross-section simultaneously. In addition, new type of demands can be imposed in measuring of fluctuations over the whole plasma cross-section simultaneously. One of such demands is the accuracy of the measurement position. Problems in this aspect are also discussed. This concise review is used to identify what will be discovered and how it will be reached in future experiments, in the subject of the symmetry-breaking of turbulence structure.

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