Stress drop, Luders strain and strain rate during serrated flow

Ryuta Onodera, Minahiro Nonomura, Masatoshi Aramaki

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    Load and strain were recorded at every 1 ms interval during the serrated flow in annealed Al-4Cu-0.5Mg-0.5Mn alloy. The strain was measured by four minute strain gauges (0.15 mm length) stuck on the specimen at 0.5 mm intervals. The Luders strain was 0.3%-1% and the Luders strain rate (maximum value) was 0.1-0.6 s-1 for average strain rates between 6×10-5 and 3×10-2 s-1. The Luders band length was about 2-3 mm. In the test with the average strain rate of 3×10-3 s-1 two staged Luders deformation occurred, that is, a fast deformation (0.1 s-1) was followed by a slow one (0.01 s-1). The current theory, which is based on the concept of the negative strain rate sensitivity of the flow stress, could not explain the experimental results mentioned above.

    ジャーナルNippon Kinzoku Gakkaishi/Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals
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