Steady-state operation scenario and the first experimental result on QUEST

Kazuaki Hanada, Kohnosuke Sato, Hideki Zushi, Kazuo Nakamura, Mizuki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Idei, Makoto Hasegawa, Yuichi Takase, Osamu Mitarai, Takashi Maekawa, Yasuaki Kishimoto, Masaki Ishiguro, Tomokazu Yoshinaga, Hiroe Igami, Nobuhiro Nishino, Hiroshi Honma, Shoji Kawasaki, Hisatoshi Nakashima, Aki Higashijima, Yuta HigashizonoAkira Ando, Nobuyuki Asakura, Akira Ejiri, Yoshihiko Hirooka, Akio Ishida, Akio Komori, Makoto Matsukawa, Osamu Motojima, Yuichi Ogawa, Noriyasu Ohno, Yasushi Ono, Martin Peng, Shigeru Sudo, Hiroshi Yamada, Naoaki Yoshida, Zensho Yoshida

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QUEST focuses on the steady state operation of the spherical tokamak by controlled PWI and electron Bernstein wave current drive. One of the main purposes of QUEST is an achievement of long duration discharge with MW-class injected power. As the result, QUEST should be operated in the challenging region on heat and particle handling. To do the particle handling, high temperature all metal wall up to 623K and closed divertors are planned, which is to realize the steady-state operation under recycling ratio, R = 1. This is a dispensable check to DEMO, because wall pumping should be avoided as possible in the view of tritium retention. The QUEST project will be developed in increment step such as, I. low β steady state operation in limiter configuration, II. low β steady state operation in divertor configuration, III. relatively high β steady state operation in closed divertor configuration. Phase I in the project corresponds to these two years, and final goal of phase I is to make full current drive plasma up to 20 kA. Closed divertor will be designed and tested in the Phase II. QUEST is running from Oct., 2008 and the first results are introduced.

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