Statistical analysis of air conditioning peak loads of multiple dwellings

Tetsushi Ono, Aya Hagishima, Jun Tanimoto, Sheikh Ahmad Zaki, Naja Aqilah Hisham

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Evaluation of the aggregated air-conditioning load of multiple dwellings is important for demand response through the optimum control of numerous air-conditioners (A/Cs), for development of smart-city or smart-community technologies. However, past studies have mainly focused on the characteristics of A/C load in a single household. With this background, the authors conducted statistical analysis of time-series data for A/C electricity consumption in 489 dwellings in Osaka, Japan, and 20 dwellings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to grasp the feature of aggregated A/C load of multiple dwellings. The findings of this analysis are followings: 1) the aggregated A/C load peak per dwelling decreased by almost 50% as the number of dwellings increased from 1 to 10, due to the offset of the diverse time-patterns of A/C load. 2) The occurrence of the top 2.5% A/C load shows strong time and date dependency for an A/C load aggregated by many dwellings.

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