Spectroscopy-tomography of living single-cells

I. Ishimaru, T. Yasokawa, M. Yoshida, K. Ishizaki, S. Kuriyama, T. Masaki, S. Nakai, K. Takegawa, N. Tanaka

研究成果: 会議への寄与タイプ学会誌査読


We propose the spectroscopy-tomography of single cells to improve the early detection and treatment of cancer. This technology can obtain the 3-dimensional distribution of components at a high spatial resolution. In this paper, we mention the analysis result of the cross-sectional images of the microsphere which diameter is 10 μm. The distribution of the internal submicron-defect in the microsphere can be analyzed. And to correct the center of rotation, we propose the image processing that uses the normalized correlation function as estimated value. The cross-sectional image of the microsphere is improved and the vague internal defect becomes to be distinguished by this proposed method. And we mention the proposed variable phase-contrast spectrometry as the 2- dimensional high spatial resolution spectrometry. This proposed method is a phase-shift interferometry between the 0th order diffracted light and the higher order diffracted light. We discuss the experimental results of the spectral characteristics using the proposed variable phase-contrast spectrometry. We measured the spectral characteristics at each pixel using the color filter of the liquid crystal and verified that the 2-dimensional spectral characteristics can be measured with good result.

出版ステータス出版済み - 2005
イベントIDW/AD'05 - 12th International Display Workshops in Conjunction with Asia Display 2005 - Takamatsu, 日本
継続期間: 12月 6 200512月 9 2005


その他IDW/AD'05 - 12th International Display Workshops in Conjunction with Asia Display 2005

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