Single InAs nanowire room-temperature near-infrared photodetectors

Jinshui Miao, Weida Hu, Nan Guo, Zhenyu Lu, Xuming Zou, Lei Liao, Suixing Shi, Pingping Chen, Zhiyong Fan, Johnny C. Ho, Tian Xin Li, Xiao Shuang Chen, Wei Lu

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Here we report InAs nanowire (NW) near-infrared photodetectors having a detection wavelength up to ∼1.5 μm. The single InAs NW photodetectors displayed minimum hysteresis with a high Ion/Ioff ratio of 105. At room temperature, the Schottky-Ohmic contacted photodetectors had an external photoresponsivity of ∼5.3 × 10 3 AW-1, which is ∼300% larger than that of Ohmic-Ohmic contacted detectors (∼1.9 × 103 AW-1). A large enhancement in photoresponsivity (∼300%) had also been achieved in metal Au-cluster-decorated InAs NW photodetectors due to the formation of Schottky junctions at the InAs/Au cluster contacts. The photocurrent decreased when the photodetectors were exposed to ambient atmosphere because of the high surface electron concentration and rich surface defect states in InAs NWs. A theoretical model based on charge transfer and energy band change is proposed to explain this observed performance. To suppress the negative effects of surface defect states and atmospheric molecules, new InAs NW photodetectors with a half-wrapped top-gate had been fabricated by using 10 nm HfO2 as the top-gate dielectric.

ジャーナルACS nano
出版ステータス出版済み - 4月 22 2014

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