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パイロットプログラムを基に高校生を対象としたSDGsデザインスクールの教育に有効な教育ツールの指標を示すことが本研究の目的である.SDGs教育の課題は教材不足であり,特にデザイン手法の活用例は少ない.そこで,本プログラムではデザイン研究者と高校教員、生徒との共創により8点の教育ツールを開発した.アンケート調査から, SDGsデザインスクール教育ツールの指標は「デザインの専門知識が高校教員にとって理解しやすい言葉で記述されており,高等学校学習指導要領に沿っていること」,「SDGsの課題に対して,正解のない最適解に向かって自ら取捨選択しながら方向づけできる教材であること」,「SDGsについて議論し,表現する創造性を引き出す教材であること」が示された.

The SDGs Design School piloted a program with Fukusho High School. The purpose of this paper is to provide the indexes for effective educational tools that support SDGs Design School’s program for high school students. One of the issues for disseminating SDGs education in Japanese high schools is the lack of teaching materials. In particular, materials that utilize design methods are few. From this program, eight educational tools are developed by the co-creation between design researchers, high school teachers, and students. Based on the findings of the questionnaire survey, three key indexes necessary for developing effective educational tools are, 1) ‘using laymen terms, in line with high school curriculum, to explain design terms to the teachers’, 2) ‘the educational material should enable students to make their own choices and direction toward the best solution for the SDGs issues’, and 3) ‘the educational material should encourage students to be able to discuss and express their creativity towards SDGs’.
寄稿の翻訳タイトルCo-creation of Education Tools for SDGs Design School -Based on a Pilot Program in Collaboration with Fukuoka Municipal Fukusho High School-
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