Pressure sensitive paint suitable to high Knudsen number regime

Hideo Mori, Tomohide Niimi, Madoka Hirako, Hiroyuki Uenishi

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Pressure sensitive paint (PSP) techniques have the capability to be applied to high Knudsen number flows, such as low density gas flows, micro-flows, and so on. In this study, to inspect the feasibility of PSP for measurement of pressure on a solid surface in high Knudsen number flows, the fundamental properties of PSPs are examined, especially in the range of pressure below 130 Pa (about 1 Torr). As a result, it is clarified that the PSP using poly(TMSP) as a binder and using PdOEP or PdTFPP as a luminophore has very high sensitivity to oxygen pressure under low pressure conditions below 130 Pa. Pressure sensitivity to nitrogen monoxide is also examined for the above PSPs, and it is clarified that PdTFPP bound by poly(TMSP) has very high sensitivity while PdOEP has very low sensitivity to nitrogen monoxide. The combination of the PdTFPP-based PSP and NO-LIF technique enables composite measurement of flow field structures and surface pressure in the high-Kn regime.

ジャーナルMeasurement Science and Technology
出版ステータス出版済み - 6月 1 2006

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