Peer-assisted learning: Revisiting the dyadic interaction process in L2academic writing

Tanya M. McCarthy, Matthew I. Armstrong

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術誌査読

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Peer-assisted learning (PAL) is a form of collaborative learning which is an effective method of helping learners to give feedback in Second Language (L2) Academic Writing (AW) courses; however, there are still many teachers today who do not implement this approach for various reasons. With fewer students, a student-centered approach is ideal. In larger classes however, an alternative approach might be required to maintain a similar amount of feedback without sacrificing quality. This research proposes PAL as a viable alternative for large AW classes, in helping to facilitate meaningful interaction and improve critical thinking skills through deep engagement with writing tasks.291 students, across nine faculties, participated in the study. Being able to receive ongoing and detailed feedback was essential in order for students to fully acquire the range of skills and knowledge needed to participate effectively in later advanced writing and research courses. A survey was administered to students to determine which method of feedback was most beneficial in helping students to improve writing: teacher-feedback solely or a blend of PAL with in-class teacher instruction. Results showed that 80% of students felt more engaged with the writing process through the PAL system with regard to pedagogic, academic, affective, cognitive, metacognitive, and social factors. The research concludes that there is great potential for collaborative learning in higher education institutions in the L2 context depending on various factors, such as the learner’s language skills as well as motivational levels of both the teacher and learner.

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