Orientation alignment of epitaxial LiCoO2 thin films on vicinal SrTiO3 (100) substrates

Kazunori Nishio, Tsuyoshi Ohnishi, Kazutaka Mitsuishi, Narumi Ohta, Ken Watanabe, Kazunori Takada

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LiCoO2 is epitaxially grown on SrTiO3 (100) substrates with (104) orientation. Because the LiCoO2 film is grown with its c-axis parallel to four equivalent 〈111〉 axes of the SrTiO3, the (104)-oriented film exhibits four-domain structure on the SrTiO3 (100) substrate. Introducing off-cut angle to the substrate surface breaks the equivalency between the four 〈111〉 axes of the SrTiO3 substrate to induce preferential growth of specific orientation with the c-axis in a descending direction of off-cut surface. Increasing off-cut angle and lowering deposition rate promote the preferential growth, because they facilitate step-flow growth mode, and finally align the c-axes in the domains completely into one 〈111〉 direction of the SrTiO3 substrate. The LiCoO2 film delivers a discharge capacity of 90 mAh g−1 at a low discharge rate of 0.01 C, and 25% of capacity is kept even at a high rate of discharge with 100 C.

ジャーナルJournal of Power Sources
出版ステータス出版済み - 9月 1 2016

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