Optical thin films grown by surface chemical reaction for high-power lasers

Shin ichi Zaitsu, Shinji Motokoshi, Takahisa Jitsuno, Masahiro Nakatsuka, Tatsuhiko Yamanaka

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We prepared optical thin films grown with surface chemical reactions using TiCl4 and H2O for TiO2. The nonuniformity of thickness distribution was under 1% over 240 mm in diameter. The structure TiO2 film grown at 25 °C was amorphous. The structure changed into polycrystalline with an increase of growth temperature up to 400 °C. Secondary ion mass spectrometry showed that chloride residents presented in the films at every growth temperature. However, these chloride residents could be removed by thermal annealing at 400 °C. The TiO2 film at the growth temperature of 25 °C had a laser-induced damage threshold of 5 J/cm2 for 1-ns, 1064 nm laser pulse. The damage threshold of TiO2 films decreased at higher growth temperature. Chloride in the films had no influence on the laser-induced damage threshold.

ジャーナルProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
出版ステータス出版済み - 2000
イベントAdvanced High-Power Lasers - Osaka, Jpn
継続期間: 11月 1 199911月 5 1999

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  • 凝縮系物理学
  • コンピュータ サイエンスの応用
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