Non-thermal plasma as a new advanced technique for intensifying the industrial wastewater treatment

A. El-Tayeb, A. H. El-Shazly, M. F. Elkady, A. Abdel-Rahman

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This manuscript investigates an opportunity of improving the dye elimination from wastewater by non-thermal plasma. Computer simulation technology (CST) was utilized for the double pin-to-plate configuration in 3D software simulation package for prediction field and voltage among the high voltage and the ground electrodes. The outcomes indicated that optimal gap separation for non-thermal plasma is about 5 mm. This optimal distance was used for corona region and ozone production. Experimental arrangement of double pin-to-plate discharge method has been deliberate examined the elimination of Acid Blue 80 dye. The influence of contact time, initial concentration, solution pH and gap distance have been established on Acid blue removal efficiency. The color removal performance using corona discharge displayed 80% dye color elimination competence within 10 min. The whole color removal was attained after 35 min for diverse concentrations from 5-100 ppm. In addition, the corona current performance at different initial solution pH was presented. Furthermore, the discharge energy and corona current were measured at different gap distances. Energy yield and electrical energy per order (EE/O) for decolorization in diverse gap distance were considered.

ジャーナルDesalination and Water Treatment
出版ステータス出版済み - 2017

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