Noise characteristics of a dc SQUID with a resistively shunted inductance

K. Enpuku, T. Muta, K. Yoshida, F. Irie

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Noise characteristics of a dc SQUID with an inductance shunted by a damping resistance are studied numerically. It is shown that the damping resistance improves considerably the resolution of the SQUID in the case of large β, where β=2LI00, I0 is a critical current, L is a loop inductance and φ0 is the flux quantum. The energy resolutions for β=4 and β=10 are only about 2 and 4 times larger than that for β=1, respectively. Furthermore, the ranges of both the bias current and the external flux, where good resolution is obtained, become very wide compared with the conventional SQUID. Therefore, the SQUID with the damping resistance can be used for large β (or L) without the significant degradation of the resolution, and will much improve the coupling properties between the SQUID and the input circuitry. The numerical simulation results are also compared with analytical ones, and a reasonable agreement is obtained.

ジャーナルJournal of Applied Physics
出版ステータス出版済み - 1985

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