Neutrino-induced electroweak symmetry breaking in supersymmetric SO(10) models

Kenzo Inoue, Kentaro Kojima, Koichi Yoshioka

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The radiative electroweak symmetry breaking, the unification of third-generation Yukawa couplings, and flavor-changing rare decay are investigated in two types of supersymmetric SO(10) scenarios taking into account of the effects of neutrino physics, i.e. the observed large generation mixing and tiny mass scale. The first scenario is minimal, including right-handed neutrinos at intermediate scale with the unification of third-generation Yukawa couplings. Another is the case that the large mixing of atmospheric neutrinos originates from the charged-lepton sector. Under the SO(10)-motivated boundary conditions for supersymmetry-breaking parameters, typical low-energy particle spectrum is discussed and the parameter space is identified which satisfies the conditions for successful radiative electroweak symmetry breaking and the experimental mass bounds of superparticles. In particular, the predictions of the bottom quark mass and the bsγ branching ratio are fully analyzed. In both two scenarios, new types of radiative electroweak symmetry breaking are achieved with the effects of neutrino couplings. The Yukawa unification becomes compatible with the bottom quark mass and the experimental constraints from flavor-violating rare processes, and the hierarchical superparticle mass spectrum is obtained.

ジャーナルJournal of High Energy Physics
出版ステータス出版済み - 7月 1 2006

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