Modifying ability of Ql-free coal-tar pitch to develop optical anisotropy in co-carbonizations

Isao Mochida, Yozo Korai, Hiroshi Fujitsu, Kenjiro Takeshita, Koichiro Mukai, Wataru Migitaka, Yoshio Suetsugu

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術誌査読

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Carbonization properties of a Ql-free coal-tar pitch (CTP-ASM) prepared by selective precipitation were studied to evaluate it as a source for needle-coke. Its modifying ability for production of needlecoke in co-carbonizations with principal carbonizing substances which gave cokes of mozaic texture in single carbonizations was estimated by changing mixing ratios. The shape and size of the anisotropic optical texture in the co-carbonized coke were measured by point counting. CTP-ASM and Ashland A240, of eight additives, had the highest modifying ability in the co-carbonizations with Khafji vacuum residue. Both contained ca. 6% benzene-insolubles (Bl), and had fa values of ≈0.9. Other additives of either lower or higher Bl or fa showed less modifying ability. The modifying susceptibility of principal carbonizing substances varies with their structure and properties. Based on a systematic investigation of co-carbonizations the compatibility between a principal carbonizing substance and an additive is discussed from a viewpoint of their structural parameters.

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