Microstructure observations in rare earth element Gd-modified Ti-44 at% Al

W. Li, B. Inkson, Z. Horita, K. Xia

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    Rare earth element Gd (0.15 at%) was added to Ti-44 at% Al to refine the microstructure. Almost all of the Gd atoms were found to form an oxide phase which was tentatively identified as Gd2TiO5. In the as-cast ingot the oxide phase possessed a complicated "finger" shaped morphology and formed a networked structure between the primary crystals. This morphology was broken down in the subsequent heat treatment at 1350°C to become discrete particles in the form of particulate, platelets or rods, often with a faceted appearance, although clusters of the particles reminiscent of their as-cast morphology were common. The distribution of the particles was improved by hot pressing which appeared to reduce the particle size and de-cluster them. Although the particles were not actually pinning the grain boundaries, their distribution seemed to have a significant effect on lamellar grain sizes after heat treatment. The addition of Gd appeared also to promote the formation of lamellae during cooling.

    出版ステータス出版済み - 2000
    イベント5th IUMRS International Conference on Advanced Materials - Symposium D: Intermetallic Compounds and Bulk Metallic Glasses - Beijing, 中国
    継続期間: 6月 13 19996月 18 1999

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