Measurements of saturation pressures for the novel refrigerant R1132(E)

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R1132(E) (trans-1,2-difluoroethylene, C2H2F2) is a potential next generation refrigerant to be utilized in air conditioning applications. This hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) refrigerant possesses an extremely low-GWP value below 1 and it is an excellent candidate for replacing R32 in blends such as R410A, which are subjected to local and international greenhouse gas regulations for limiting global warming. Two isochoric apparatus were used to measure the saturation pressures of R1132(E) from 240 K to its critical temperature. At the critical temperature, the critical pressure of R1132(E) was also directly measured. Twenty-four saturation pressures including the critical point were used for optimizing a Wagner-type equation representing the saturation pressure curve. The absolute average deviation of the saturation pressures of R1132(E) predicted by the model using the fitted parameters and the experimental data is 0.02%. The optimized Wagner-type equation of saturation pressures is used for determining the acentric factor of R1132(E) as 0.2433, which is further utilized for the prediction of the saturation pressures using the Peng-Robinson cubic equation of state within an absolute average deviation of 0.31%.

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