Magnetic Properties of an S = 1 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet TMNIN with Bond Impurity

Tatsuya Kawae, Masakazu Ito, Masaki Mito, Masako Hitaka, Kazuyoshi Takeda

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We have carried out magnetic susceptibility and heat capacity measurements on a typical Haldane antiferromagnet (CH3)4NNi(NO)3 (TMNIN) doped with nonmagnetic Zn2+ ion impurities at the concentrations of 7.4%, 11.8% and 20.4% and on a pure system down to 0.2 K. At low temperatures below 1.2 K, the paramagnetic susceptibility expected in the Haldane system with the open chain is found to be suppressed. A broad maximum of the heat capacity is observed around 0.7 K for each impurity system. The observed results strongly suggest that there exists an antiferromagnetic interaction between the edge S = 1/2 spins adjacent to Zn2+ ions via the next-nearest exchange interaction Jnn which can be regarded as a bond impurity in the Haldane system. This is the first experiment on bond impurity models for the Haldane system.

ジャーナルjournal of the physical society of japan
出版ステータス出版済み - 7月 1997

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