Influence of duration on the perception of consonants /x/ and /j/ in Chinese

Li Feng, Yoshitaka Nakajima, Ueda Kazuo

    研究成果: 会議への寄与タイプポスター


    It was revealed that Mandarin Chinese native speakers' perception of /x/ and /j/ was affected by the duration of consonant parts. Two perceptual experiments, in which the method of constant stimuli was employed, were conducted. All participants were native speakers of Mandarin Chinese. In the first experiment, in which six MC native speakers participated, Chinese syllables that begin with /x/ or /j/ were extracted from a speech database, and the consonant parts were manipulated in terms of duration. As the duration of /x/ was decreased or the duration of /j/ was increased, to a certain extent, the consonant which had been originally /x/ was perceived as /j/, and vice versa. Synthesized noises instead of recorded consonants were utilized in the second experiment, in which two native speakers participated, similar effects of the consonant duration appeared.

    出版ステータス出版済み - 2013

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    • 音響学および超音波学


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