Impacts of perforated sheet pipe installation on some paddy soil properties

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Today, the world’s vision emphasizes the development of climate-adaptive agriculture for food security and provision of water with safe technology. Under extreme weather conditions, it is necessary to manage water effectively. We must not neglect drainage as a water management option for sustainable agricultural production. Specially designed perforated sheet pipe drains have been developed in Japan recently to control the underground water table and to upgrade croplands from lowlands to uplands. As soils with perforated sheet pipes installed could potentially improve soil aeration, and land conversion could also influence soil functions and properties, this study focuses on the importance of soil properties changed around perforated sheet pipes installed at a depth of 40 cm in former paddy soils. Using (3 × 3 × 2) factorial design with three replications, soils were sampled on farmland in the Japanese towns of Hisayama, Fukuoka and Usa, Oita, respectively, in 2017 based on three stream sites (upstream, midstream and downstream), three distances from the sheet pipe (center, 1 m and 2 m) and two soil depths of 10 cm and 25 cm, respectively. Thirteen potentially changeable soil properties were measured, and all recorded data were analyzed statistically by performing the F test. All means were also compared at least the 5% significantly different level. As the results, there was a major improvement in air-filled capacity and infiltration above the installed perforated sheet pipe. The nearer the sheet pipe, the more the soil bulked together, with the more significant increase in soil organic matter, and total carbonate content that promotes the formation of soil macropores, at 1 m of sheet pipe distance in the deep paddy soil layer. The increase in the porosity (f) of studied soils allows more water and air to pass through.

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