HLA class II alleles in Japanese patients with inflammatory bowel disease

S. Yoshitake, A. Kimura, Mitsuo Okada, T. Yao, T. Sasazuki

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The association of various HLA class II loci with Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) has yet to be fully elucidated. To determine whether there is an association of HLA class II genes (DR, DQ and DP alleles) with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), HLA class II genes for polymorphisms were analyzed at the DNA level in 111 patients with CD, 81 with UC and 525 healthy controls by the polymerase chain reaction-sequence specific oligonucleotide probe method. Allele and haplotype frequencies were compared between these populations. Results were as follows: 1) the presence of DQB1*0402 (RR = 3.90, P(c) = 0.0001) was positively associated with CD; 2) the presence of DRB1*1502 (RR = 4.51, P(c) < 1 x 10-8), DRB5*0102 (RR = 4.70, P(c) < 1 x 10-8), DQA1*0103 (RR = 3.72, P(c) = 1 x 10-5), DQB1*06011 (RR = 3.78, P(c) = 1 x 10-5), DPA1*0201 (RR = 3.23, P(c) = 0.0001) and DPB1*0901 (RR = 4.83, P(c) 1 x 10-8) was positively associated and that of DRB4*0101 (RR = 0.20, P(c) 1 x 10-8) and DQA1*0302 (RR = 0.34, P(c) = 0.001) negatively associated with UC; 3) haplotype analysis showed a positive association between the presence of DRB1*0410-DQA1*0302-DQB1*0402 and DRB1*0802-DQA1*0401-DQB1*0402 with CD, and a negative association between the presence of DRB1*1502-DQA1*0103-DQB1*06011 and CD, there was no association of DRB1*08032-DQA1*0103-DQB1*06011 with CD; and 4) in UC, a positive association with the presence of DRB1*1502-DQA1*0103-DQB1*06011 was found, but DRB1*08032-DQA1*0103-DQB1*06011 was not associated with it. In conclusion, in CD in the Japanese population, HLA-linked disease susceptibility alleles appear to be DQB1*0402 and DRB1*1502, a disease resistance allele. In UC, DRB1*1502 appears to be a disease susceptibility allele.

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