Geotechnical issues on application of highwall mining system inIndonesia

T. Sasaoka, H. Shimada, A. Hamanaka, B. Sulistianto, M. Ichinose, K. Matsui

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Indonesia is the second largest coal exporter to Japan. Almost all the coal is produced from open cut mines. However, a great deal of coal is left in the highwalls of the mined-out pits. The use of highwall mining systems has increasingly come into play in the US and Australia, when overburden depth exceeds economical recovery in open cut mine. However, the stability of the highwalls is always a major safety concern in such mining. This paper describes the characteristics of the highwall mining system and discusses the appropriate highwall mining system for use in Indonesia.

出版ステータス出版済み - 2015
イベントISRM VietRock 2015 International Workshop - Hanoi, ベトナム
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