Fisetin Promotes Hair Growth by Augmenting TERT Expression

Chisato Kubo, Mizuki Ogawa, Norihisa Uehara, Yoshinori Katakura

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Although thinning hair and alopecia are not recognized as severe diseases, hair loss has implications for mental health and quality of life; therefore, a large number of studies have been carried out to develop novel hair growth agents. In the present study, we aimed to examine the potential of telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT), because TERT overexpression in skin activates resting hair follicle bulge stem cells, which triggers initiation of a new hair follicle growth phase and promotes hair synthesis. To this end, we screened polyphenols that activate TERT expression in keratinocytes, and identified resveratrol and fisetin as strong hTERT-augmenting compounds. These polyphenols also regulated the gene expression of cytokines such as IGF-1 and KGF, which activate the β-catenin pathway, and TGF-β1, which plays an important role in maintaining the niche of hair follicle stem cells, thus are thought to play roles in promoting hair growth. We additionally showed that these polyphenols, especially fisetin, promoted hair growth from the shaved dorsal skin of mice, which suggests that these polyphenols activate the transition from telogen to anagen phase. Histological studies indicated that the dorsal skin of mice treated with these polyphenols contained numerous hair follicles and was thickened compared with that in control mice. Furthermore, on the dorsal skin of mice treated with resveratrol and fisetin, a number of proliferating cells (Ki67+ cells) were observed around the hair papilla. These results suggest that resveratrol and fisetin induce a shift from telogen to anagen in the hair follicle by inducing proliferation of hair follicle bulge stem cells, thus promoting hair growth.

ジャーナルFrontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
出版ステータス出版済み - 10月 15 2020

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