First spectroscopic study of v 63 at the N=40 island of inversion

M. M. Juhász, Z. Elekes, D. Sohler, K. Sieja, K. Yoshida, K. Ogata, P. Doornenbal, A. Obertelli, H. Baba, F. Browne, D. Calvet, F. Château, S. Chen, N. Chiga, A. Corsi, M. L. Cortés, A. Delbart, J. M. Gheller, A. Giganon, A. GillibertC. Hilaire, T. Isobe, T. Kobayashi, Y. Kubota, V. Lapoux, T. Motobayashi, I. Murray, H. Otsu, V. Panin, N. Paul, W. Rodriguez, H. Sakurai, M. Sasano, D. Steppenbeck, L. Stuhl, Y. L. Sun, Y. Togano, T. Uesaka, K. Wimmer, K. Yoneda, N. L. Achouri, O. Aktas, T. Aumann, L. X. Chung, Zs Dombrádi, F. Flavigny, S. Franchoo, I. Gašparić, R. B. Gerst, J. Gibelin, K. I. Hahn, D. Kim, T. Koiwai, Y. Kondo, P. Koseoglou, J. Lee, C. Lehr, B. D. Linh, H. N. Liu, T. Lokotko, M. Maccormick, K. Moschner, T. Nakamura, S. Y. Park, D. Rossi, E. Sahin, P. A. Söderström, S. Takeuchi, H. Törnqvist, V. Vaquero, V. Wagner, S. Wang, V. Werner, X. Xu, H. Yamada, D. Yan, Z. Yang, M. Yasuda, L. Zanetti

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術誌査読

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The low-lying level structure of V63 was studied for the first time by the inelastic proton scattering and the proton knock-out reaction in inverse kinematics. The comparison of the newly observed γ-ray transitions at 696(8) keV and 889(16) keV with our shell-model calculations using the Lenzi-Nowacki-Poves-Sieja interaction established two excited states proposed to be the first 11/2- and 9/2- levels. The (p,p′) excitation cross sections were analyzed by the coupled channel formalism assuming pure quadrupole as well as quadrupole+hexadecapole deformations. This resulted in large deformation parameters placing V63 in the island of inversion located below Ni68.

ジャーナルPhysical Review C
出版ステータス出版済み - 6月 2021

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  • 核物理学および高エネルギー物理学


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