Effects of population density on forest structure and species richness and diversity of trees in Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia

Neth Top, Nobuya Mizoue, Satoshi Ito, Shigetaka Kai, Toshio Nakao, Sokhun Ty

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This study examined differences in stand structure, tree species richness, and tree species diversity in relation to population density in Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia. Tree data were obtained from a 1997 forest inventory involving 60 clusters (540 plots) systematically distributed over 30% of the provincial forest area. Spatially referenced population data were obtained from the 1998 national population census. The average number of trees per cluster was 356/ha, the average basal area, 23 m2/ha, the average stand volume, 217 m3/ha, and the average aboveground biomass, 273 Mg/ha for all trees of DBH 10 cm and larger. The average species richness per cluster was 37 species, while average species diversity was measured as 0.916 using Simpson's index and 2.98 by Shannon's index. Significant negative correlations were generally found between population density surrounding clusters and tree density, basal area, stand volume, aboveground biomass, and species richness and diversity for three examined diameter classes (DBH of 10-30, ≥30, and ≥10 cm). As the distance from clusters for calculating population density increased, the correlation levels increased up to 5 or 7 km, depending on the variables and diameter class, and then stayed relatively constant for stand structure variables and decreased for species richness and diversity. The results indicate that evidence of disturbance was more pronounced at higher population density up to around 5 to 7 km. We suggest that introduction of greater controls on human disturbance should be a high priority for resource management and conservation in Kampong Thom Province and, presumably, Cambodia as a whole.

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