Effect of composition of MOCVD-SrRuO3 top electrode of (Pb, La)(Zr, Ti)O3 capacitor on H2 degradation

Norikazu Okuda, Noriyuki Higashi, Takayuki Watanabe, Hiroshi Funakubo

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The effect of the composition of MOCVD-SrRuO3 film was investigated not only on its property but also on the character as the top electrode of (Pb, La)(Zr, Ti)O3[PLZT] capacitor for H2 degradation. Resistivity of SrRuO3 film increased by the heat treatment under H2 contained atmosphere but was recovered by the heat treatment at 450 °C under O2 atmosphere. When Ru excess and the stoichiometric SrRuO3 films deposited at 600 °C were used as top electrodes, the remanent polarization(Pr) value of SrRuO3/PLZT/Pt capacitor was almost the same as that of Pt top electrode. On the other hand, when Sr excess SrRuO3 film was used as a top electrode, apparent Pr value decreased. After the heat treatment under 3 % H2 atmosphere at 270°C and the following that under O2 atmosphere at 450 °C, Pr value was perfectly recovered when using the stoichiometric SrRuO3 film as a top electrode. However, Pr value was 50% when Ru excess SrRuO 3 was used as a top electrode and hysteresis loops was not observed when using Sr excess SrRuO3 as a top electrode. Moreover, no degradation was observed for fatigue test up to 1010 cycles when MOCVD-SrRuO3 was used as a top electrode. These data showed that MOCVD-SrRuO3 film with stoichiometric composition is a useful top electrode for PLZT ferroelectric capacitor.

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