Dynamic simulation of rod-like and plate-like particle dispersed systems

Satoru Yamamoto, Takaaki Matsuoka

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A particle simulation method (PSM) is presented to simulate the dynamics of rod-like and plate-like particle dispersed systems. In this method, the particle is modeled with arrays of spheres connected by three types of springs. The motion of particles in flow is followed by solving the translational and rotational equations of motion for each constituent sphere. The mobility matrix for each particle is calculated to obtain the hydrodynamic force and torque exerted on each sphere. For the hydrodynamic interaction among particles, the near-field lubrication force is considered. The method was applied to the simulation of the transient behavior of particles in a shear flow by dispersing them into a cell with periodic boundaries. In semi-dilute to concentrated systems, the overshoot of viscosity was observed for rigid rod-like particle dispersed systems, but not for flexible ones. This was due to the transient change of the micro structure from the flow-directional orientation to the planar one of particles. The normal stress appeared in the flexible particle dispersed systems because of the deformation of particles. In the rectangular plate-like particle dispersed system, the planar orientation of particles was observed and furthermore the orientation of the major axis of particles in the shear direction appeared.

ジャーナルComputational Materials Science
出版ステータス出版済み - 2月 1999

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