Dye modification effects on TaON for photocatalytic hydrogen production from water

Hidehisa Hagiwara, Masakiyo Nagatomo, Chihiro Seto, Shintaro Ida, Tatsumi Ishiahara

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    Modification effects of porphyrin dyes on the photocatalytic activity of tantalum (oxy)nitride (TaON) were investigated. The nitrogen content in tantalum (oxy)nitride was increased by increasing the heat treatment period. The optimized nitridation conditions were found to be calcination at 800 °C for 14 h under a NH3 gas flow (25 mL min-1). Among the porphyrin dyes examined, pentamethylene bis[4-(10,15,20-triphenylporphine-5-yl) benzoate]-dizinc (II) (Zn-TPPD) showed the most positive effect on the photocatalytic activity of TaON for H2 production from Na2S aqueous solution. From the results of the photocatalytic reaction using various combinations of catalyst components, it was found that the modification dye and PtOx co-catalysts were necessary to achieving photocatalytic H2 formation. In the PtOx/Zn-TPPD/TaON photocatalyst, the expected charge transfer mechanism was a two-step excitation of both TaON and Zn-TPPD, and the oxidation and reduction sites were TaON and PtOx co-catalyst, respectively. These results indicate that dye modification has the potential to improve the photocatalytic activity of various (oxy)nitride photocatalysts.

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