Diffusion behavior of iron corrosion products in buffer materials

Kazuya Idemitsu, Seiji Yano, Xia Xiaobin, Yaohiro Inagaki, Tatsumi Arima

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Carbon steel is one of the candidate overpack materials for high-level waste disposal and is expected to assure complete containment of vitrified waste glass during an initial period of 1000 years in Japan. The lifetime of the carbon steel overpack will depend on its corrosion rate. The corrosion rate of carbon steel is reduced by the presence of buffer material such as bentonite. Buffer material will delay the supply of corrosive materials and discharge of corrosion products through it. Carbon steel overpack will be corroded by consuming oxygen introduced by repository construction after closure of repository and then will keep the reducing environment in the vicinity of repository. The reducing condition will be expected to retard the migration of redox-sensitive radionuclides by lowering their solubilities. Therefore, the diffusion of corrosion products of iron in buffer material is important to discuss the corrosion rate of overpack, migration of redox-sensitive radionuclides and properties of buffer material. The purpose of this paper is to study diffusion behavior of a corrosion product of iron in compacted bentonites under a reducing condition with a carbon steel. The diffusion mechanism of iron in the compacted bentonites were discussed by estimation of iron species in the bentonite pore water. There were two diffusion paths of iron in the compacted bentonites used in this study; the fast path has low capacity of iron, ca. 1wt%, and large apparent diffusion coefficient, ca. 10-12 m2/s and the slow path has high capacity of iron, ca. 10wt%, and small apparent diffusion coefficient, ca. 10-14 m2/s.

ジャーナルMaterials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings
出版ステータス出版済み - 2002
イベントScientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXV - Boston, MA, 米国
継続期間: 11月 26 200111月 29 2001

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