Complete oxidation of benzene in gas phase by platinized titania photocatalysts

Hisahiro Einaga, Shigeru Futamura, Takashi Ibusuki

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Photocatalytic oxidation of benzene in gas phase was carried out with a flow reactor at room temperature. In a humidified airstream ([H2 O] = 2.2%), benzene was quantitatively decomposed to CO2 over UV-irradiated 1.0 wt %-Pt/TiO2 catalyst. When the benzene conversion was decreased, the selectivity to CO2 was decreased, while that to CO was increased. As the amount of Pt loaded on the TiO2 catalyst was increased, the rate of the CO photooxidation was increased, while that of benzene photooxidation was almost unchanged. These findings showed that the photooxidation of benzene to CO2 over Pt/ TiO2 catalyst proceeded by the two sequential steps: (i) benzene was decomposed to CO2 and CO with the selectivities of 94% and 6%, respectively, and (ii) CO was subsequently oxidized to CO2. The rate of CO photooxidation over Pt/ TiO2 catalyst was greatly decreased by the presence of benzene in the reaction gas stream. The complete oxidation of benzene to CO2 could be also achieved by using the hybrid catalysts comprising pure TiO2 and platinized TiO2.

ジャーナルEnvironmental Science and Technology
出版ステータス出版済み - 5月 1 2001

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