Chemisorption of CO2on Nitrogen-Doped Graphitic Carbons

Riku Shibuya, Kotaro Takeyasu, Donghui Guo, Takahiro Kondo, Junji Nakamura

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The adsorption of CO2on nitrogen-doped graphitic carbon materials, such as graphene nanosheet (GNS) powder and highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG), was comparatively studied using temperature-programmed desorption (TPD) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Desorption of CO2was observed at approximately 380 K for both pyridinic-nitrogen (pyri-N)-doped GNS and pyri-N-doped HOPG samples in the TPD experiments, whereas no CO2desorption was observed for graphitic nitrogen-doped HOPG. This indicated that only pyri-N species create identical CO2adsorption sites on any graphitic carbon surface. The adsorption energies of CO2on pyri-N-doped carbons were estimated between 101 and 108 kJ mol-1, indicating that chemisorption, rather than physisorption, took place. The CO2adsorption/desorption process was reproducible in repeated measurements, and no CO2dissociation occurred during the process, suggesting that it is a promising CO2capturing material. The O 1s peak of the adsorbed CO2clearly appeared at 531.5-532 eV in the XPS measurements. The N 1s peak of pyri-N did not change with CO2adsorption, indicating that CO2is not directly bound to pyri-N but is adsorbed on a carbon atom near the pyridinic nitrogen via the nonbonding pzorbital of the carbon atom.

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