Catalytic coal gasification by K2CO3/Perovskite catalysts

Lifang Hao, Xiongchao Lin, Gang Ho Lee, Young Kwang Kim, Jin Miyawaki, Seong Ho Yoon, Isao Mochida

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10 wt% K2CO3 supported perovskites were examined to discover their role of catalysts for effective coal gasification under 800°C. Several perovskite type supports with different amounts of Mn were synthesized by both sol-gel and modified reverse homogeneous precipitation methods. Mn effect on the coal gasification was studied. Coal catalytic gasification, its combustion as well as its activation energy were investigated by thermo-gravimetric analysis. The gasification behavior was checked and drawn out to profiles using self-designed fluidized bed reactor at 773K□1073K. Catalytic effect of Mn containing perovskite was investigated by varying the metal's contents from x=0.2 to x=1 in LaMnxCu(1-x)O3. Through the research, the optimal Mn contents for the condition were suggested. In addition, the activities of 10wt%K2CO3 supported perovskite catalysts were compared with several kinds of 10wt%K2CO3 supported Al2O3.

ホスト出版物のタイトルAmerican Chemical Society - 238th National Meeting and Exposition, ACS 2009, Abstracts of Scientific Papers
出版ステータス出版済み - 12月 1 2009
イベント238th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society, ACS 2009 - Washington, DC, 米国
継続期間: 8月 16 20098月 20 2009


名前ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts


その他238th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society, ACS 2009
CityWashington, DC

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