Biosynthesis of sulfur-containing small biomolecules in plants

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Sulfur is an essential element required for plant growth. It can be found as a thiol group of proteins or non-protein molecules, and as various sulfur-containing small biomolecules, including iron-sulfur (Fe/S) clusters, molybdenum cofactor (Moco), and sulfur-modified nucleotides. Thiol-mediated redox regulation has been well investigated, whereas biosynthesis pathways of the sulfur-containing small biomolecules have not yet been clearly described. In order to understand overall sulfur transfer processes in plant cells, it is important to elucidate the relationships among various sulfur delivery pathways as well as to investigate their interactions. In this review, we summarize the information from recent studies on the biosynthesis pathways of several sulfur-containing small biomolecules and the proteins participating in these processes. In addition, we show characteristic features of gene expression in Arabidopsis at the early stage of sulfate depletion from the medium, and we provide insights into sulfur transfer processes in plant cells.

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