Biomaterial-Assisted Regenerative Medicine

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This review aims to show case recent regenerative medicine based on biomaterial technologies. Regenerative medicine has arousing substantial interest throughout the world, with “The enhancement of cell activity” one of the essential concepts for the development of regenerative medicine. For example, drug research on drug screening is an important field of regenerative medicine, with the purpose of efficient evaluation of drug effects. It is crucial to enhance cell activity in the body for drug research because the difference in cell condition between in vitro and in vivo leads to a gap in drug evaluation. Biomaterial technology is essential for the further development of regenerative medicine because biomaterials effectively support cell culture or cell transplantation with high cell viability or activity. For example, biomaterial-based cell culture and drug screening could obtain information similar to preclinical or clinical studies. In the case of in vivo studies, biomaterials can assist cell activity, such as natural healing potential, leading to efficient tissue repair of damaged tissue. Therefore, regenerative medicine combined with biomaterials has been noted. For the research of biomaterial-based regenerative medicine, the research objective of regenerative medicine should link to the properties of the biomaterial used in the study. This review introduces regenerative medicine with biomaterial.
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