Anti-melanogenesis properties of quercetin- and its derivative-rich extract from Allium cepa

Enos Tangke Arung, Shoko Furuta, Hiroya Ishikawa, Irawan Wijaya Kusuma, Kuniyoshi Shimizu, Ryuichiro Kondo

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In an effort to find a new whitening agent, we have found that the methanol extract of the dried skin of Allium cepa showed inhibition of melanin formation. Bioassay-guided fractionation led to the isolation of quercetin (1) and quercetin 4'-O-β-glucoside (3) from A. cepa as the inhibitors of melanin formation in B16 melanoma cells with IC50 values of 26.5 and 131μM, respectively. In addition, we evaluated the effect of some quercetin derivatives, such as isoquercitrin (2), quercetin 3,4'-O-diglucoside (4), rutin (5) and hyperin (6) on B16 melanoma cells. These quercetin derivatives did not show any inhibition of melanin formation. Furthermore, the ORAC values of compounds 1-6 were 7.64, 8.65, 4.82, 4.32, 8.17 and 9.34μmol trolox equivalents/μmol, respectively. Dried skin of red onion showed inhibitory activity against melanin formation in B16 melanoma cells, as well as antioxidant properties.

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