Accelerated dentinogenesis by inhibiting the mitochondrial fission factor, dynamin related protein 1

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Undifferentiated odontogenic epithelium and dental papilla cells differentiate into ameloblasts and odontoblasts, respectively, both of which are essential for tooth development. These differentiation processes involve dramatic functional and morphological changes of the cells. For these changes to occur, activation of mitochondrial functions, including ATP production, is extremely important. In addition, these changes are closely related to mitochondrial fission and fusion, known as mitochondrial dynamics. However, few studies have focused on the role of mitochondrial dynamics in tooth development. The purpose of this study was to clarify this role. We used mouse tooth germ organ cultures and a mouse dental papilla cell line with the ability to differentiate into odontoblasts, in combination with knockdown of the mitochondrial fission factor, dynamin related protein (DRP)1. In organ cultures of the mouse first molar, tooth germ developed to the early bell stage. The amount of dentin formed under DRP1 inhibition was significantly larger than that of the control. In experiments using a mouse dental papilla cell line, differentiation into odontoblasts was enhanced by inhibiting DRP1. This was associated with increased mitochondrial elongation and ATP production compared to the control. These results suggest that DRP1 inhibition accelerates dentin formation through mitochondrial elongation and activation. This raises the possibility that DRP1 might be a therapeutic target for developmental disorders of teeth.

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