Reiterations of the Past: Reconstructions, Practices, and Places

プロジェクト: 研究



Throughout history, “the past” has continuously been reconstructed from the point of view of “the present” and, especially in modern times, people have shown great interest in intentionally engaging with the past in a variety of contexts and through myriad means. This Strategic Partnership seeks to investigate objects, practices, and places that exemplify these interactions with the past in the present. Our starting point is the fact that current views of the past are not merely a simple recreation of the past in forms that are either tangible (buildings, prints, literary works, etc.) or intangible (rituals, ceremonies, space, etc.); instead, they require an active negotiation with the past that is never straightforward or uncomplicated. Through this collaborative project, we will explore these complex negotiations (be they social, political, global, regional, communal, etc.) both within and outside Japan.
The project is organized around three interconnected themes that are distributed evenly over a three-year period (Reconstructing the Past, Negotiations through Practice, and Negotiations through Space). Japan scholars are paired with scholars working on a similar theme in a different geographical region in order to transcend boundaries, both between research fields and countries. Geographically speaking, the research of the participants covers the tangible and intangible heritage of North- and Meso-America, Europe, and Asia. Our disciplinary breadth extends across the fields of anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art history, cultural studies, history, literature, religious studies, as well as visual and material culture.