Discussant, "Overlapping Cosmologies and Cosmographies in Pre-modern Asia (1)"

活動: 講演またはプレゼンテーション 口演発表


Organizer: Bill M. Mak, Kyoto University
Bill M. Mak, Kyoto University: “Greek Astral Sciences in China”
Daniel P. Morgan, ERC Project SAW (CNRS-Université Paris Diderot): “A Sphere unto Itself: 
The Death and Medieval Framing of the History of Chinese Cosmology”
Eric Huntington, Princeton University: “Buddhist Cosmology in Bhutanese Murals:
 An Iconographic Negotiation Between Kālacakra and Abhidharma Cosmologies”
Yoichi Isahaya, University of Tokyo: “Entangled Representation of the Heaven: Dunhuang Fragment P. 4071
 in the Transition and Naturalization of the ‘Western’ Astral Science”
期間6月 20 2015
イベント タイトルThe Nineteenth Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ)
イベント タイプ会議
場所Tokyo, 日本マップに表示