Co-Organizer of “The Impact of State Formation in the Peripheral Areas of Eurasia”

活動: 講演またはプレゼンテーション 口演発表


Co-Organizer (with Kazuo Miyamoto) and discussant
Kazuo Miyamoto, Kyushu University, ‘Beginnings of the Early Iron Age in North-Eastern Asia and Japan’
Ari Tanizawa, Kyushu University, ‘The Yayoi-Kofun Transition as Seen from the Distribution of Beads’
Jun'ichiro Tsujita, Kyushu University, ‘The Transformation of the Prestige Good System in the Process of State Formation as Seen from the Case of Kofun-period Japan’
Gina L. Barnes, SOAS, University of London, ‘State Formation on the Korean Peninsula: Variations on a Theme Based in Chinese Dynastic Interaction’
Keita Matsumoto, Kyushu University, ‘Interactions in the Eurasian Steppes during the Bronze Age’
Tomas Larsen Høisæter, University of Bergen, ‘Nomads and City-states: Entanglement, State Formation and the Rise of the Silk Road’
Nozomi Saito, Kyushu University, ‘Interactions in the Periphery: The Loess Plateau in the Chinese Early States Formation Period’
Xiaofen Huang, University of East Asia, ‘Excavation of Han Jiaozhi Province in Vietnam and New Discoveries’
期間9月 2 2016
イベント タイトルWAC-8 Kyoto, the Eighth World Archaeological Congress
イベント タイプ会議
場所Kyoto, 日本マップに表示