Viscoelastic Properties of Homogeneous Polymer Blends in the Terminal Region

Shinichi Kitade, Yoshiaki Takahashi, Ichiro Noda

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Viscoelastic properties of homogeneous polystyrene/poly(vinyl methyl ether) (PS/PVME) blends were studied in terms of the zero-shear viscosity ƞ° and the steady-state compliance Je. The molecular weight and composition of PS (Mps and ϕps) were varied, whereas the molecular weight of PVME (MPVME) was fixed, maintaining the condition Mps ≫ MPVME. The behavior of ƞ° and Je was discussed as a function of Mps and ϕps. In the entangled region, ƞ° can be explained by the scaling law, in the same way as in the semidilute polymer solutions, if ϕps < 0.25. The magnitudes of Je and its Mps and ϕps dependences are comparable to those of polymer solutions in the nonentangled region. Therefore, it is concluded that the viscoelastic properties of homogeneous PS/PVME blends in the terminal region studied here are very similar to those of the polymer solutions if Mps ≫ MPVME.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)7397-7401
Number of pages5
Issue number25
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1994
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