The first open study of zonisamide, a novel anticonvulsant, shows efficacy in mania

Kanba Shigenobu, Yagi Gohei, Kamijima Kunitoshi, Suzuki Toru, Tajima Osamu, Otaki Jun-Ichi, Arata Eiji, Koshikawa Hiroki, Nibuya Masashi, Kinoshita Norihisa, Asai Masahiro

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Shigenobu Kanba, Gohei Yagi, Kunitoshi Kamijima, Toru Suzuki, Osamu Tajima, Jun-ichi Otaki, Eiji Arata, Hiroki Koshikawa, Masashi Nibuya, Norihisa Kinoshita and Masahiro Asai: The First Open Study of Zonisamide, A Novel Anticonvulsant, Shows Efficacy in Mania. Prog. Neuro-Psyhopharmacol. & Biol. Psychiat. 1994, 18:3 707-715. 1 Zonisamide, an anticonvulsant developed in Japan, is structurally similar to serotonin. Zonisamide has been proven to have a pharmacological profile that is very similar to that of carbamazepine. Thus, the effect of zonisamide was examined in 24 psychiatric patients: 15 with bipolar manic state, 6 with schizoaffective manic state, and 3 schizophrenic excitement. 2 Approximately 25% of all the patients and 33% of the bipolar manic patients showed remarkable global improvement with the addition of zonisamide. Approximately 71 % of all the patients and 80% of the bipolar group had more than moderate global improvement. 3 No serious adverse reactions were found and no patients required zonisamide withdrawal. One patient developed both leukocytosis and mildly abnormal liver function test. One developed leukocytosis and another reported mild sleepiness. These reactions disappeared when zonisamide was discontinued.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)707-715
Number of pages9
JournalProgress in Neuropsychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Jul 1994

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  • Pharmacology
  • Biological Psychiatry


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