Surgical strategies for unresectable hepatoblastomas

Tatsuro Tajiri, Osamu Kimura, Shigehisa Fumino, Taizo Furukawa, Tomoko Iehara, Ryota Souzaki, Yoshiaki Kinoshita, Yuhki Koga, Aiko Suminoe, Toshiro Hara, Kenichi Kohashi, Yoshinao Oda, Tomoro Hishiki, Hajime Hosoi, Eiso Hiyama, Tomoaki Taguchi

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Background: The aim of this study was to assess the surgical strategies for unresectable hepatoblastomas at the initial diagnosis based on the experience of two institutions. Methods: The PRETEXT (Pretreatment evaluation of tumor extent) and POST-TEXT (Post treatment extent of disease) staging, surgical treatments, and clinical outcomes were retrospectively analyzed for 12 cases with PRETEXT III or IV and M(-) of 29 hepatoblastomas treated based on the JPLT-2 (The Japanese Study Group for Pediatric Liver Tumor-2) protocol at two institutions between 1998 and 2011. Results: Two of the 9 cases with PRETEXT III status were downstaged to POST-TEXT II. One of the 3 cases with PRETEXT IV showed downstaging to POST-TEXT III. Four of the 7 cases with P2 or V3 (indicated for liver transplantation) in the PRETEXT staging system showed P2 or V3 in POST-TEXT staging after 2 cycles of CITA (JPLT-2 standard regimen), and one case showed P2 or V3 in POST-TEXT staging at the initial operation and underwent primary liver transplantation. The initial surgical treatments were 1 lobectomy, 2 segmentectomies, 6 trisegmentectomies, 2 mesohepatectomies, and 1 primary liver transplantation. Both patients who underwent mesohepatectomies had bile leakage, and 1 of 5 trisegmentectomies had an acute obstruction of the right hepatic vein. Two patients underwent rescue living donor liver transplantation. Both of these patients showed P2 or V3 positive findings in POST-TEXT staging after 2 cycles of CITA. Conclusions: POST-TEXT staging and P and V factors should be evaluated after 2 cycles of CITA for unresectable hepatoblastomas detected at the initial diagnosis. The patients should be referred to the transplantation center if the POST-TEXT IV, P2, or V3 is positive at that time. Liver resection by trisegmentectomy is recommended in view of the incidence of surgical complications. Careful treatment, such as back-up transplantation, should thus be considered for liver resection in the cases with POST-TEXT IV, P2, or V3 status after initial 2 cycles of CITA.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2194-2198
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Pediatric Surgery
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2012

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  • Pediatrics, Perinatology, and Child Health
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