Sulfur deficiency increases phosphate accumulation, uptake, and transport in arabidopsis thaliana

Alaa Allahham, Satomi Kanno, Liu Zhang, Akiko Maruyama-Nakashita

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Recent studies have shown various metabolic and transcriptomic interactions between sulfur (S) and phosphorus (P) in plants. However, most studies have focused on the effects of phosphate (Pi) availability and P signaling pathways on S homeostasis, whereas the effects of S availability on P homeostasis remain largely unknown. In this study, we investigated the interactions between S and P from the perspective of S availability. We investigated the effects of S availability on Pi uptake, transport, and accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana grown under sulfur sufficiency (+S) and deficiency (−S). Total P in shoots was significantly increased under −S owing to higher Pi accumulation. This accumulation was facilitated by increased Pi uptake under −S. In addition, −S increased root-to-shoot Pi transport, which was indicated by the increased Pi levels in xylem sap under −S. The −S-increased Pi level in the xylem sap was diminished in the disruption lines of PHT1;9 and PHO1, which are involved in root-to-shoot Pi transport. Our findings indicate a new aspect of the interaction between S and P by listing the increased Pi accumulation as part of −S responses and by highlighting the effects of −S on Pi uptake, transport, and homeostasis.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2971
JournalInternational journal of molecular sciences
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2 2020

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