Structure of Beryllium Isotopes Beyond the Neutron Dripline

B. Monteagudo, J. Gibelin, F. M. Marqués, A. Corsi, Y. Kubota, N. A. Orr, G. Authelet, H. Baba, C. Caesar, D. Calvet, A. Delbart, M. Dozono, J. Feng, F. Flavigny, J. M. Gheller, A. Giganon, A. Gillibert, K. Hasegawa, T. Isobe, Y. KanayaS. Kawakami, D. Kim, Y. Kiyokawa, M. Kobayashi, N. Kobayashi, T. Kobayashi, Y. Kondo, Z. Korkulu, S. Koyama, V. Lapoux, Y. Maeda, T. Motobayashi, T. Miyazaki, T. Nakamura, N. Nakatsuka, Y. Nishio, A. Obertelli, A. Ohkura, S. Ota, H. Otsu, T. Ozaki, V. Panin, S. Paschalis, E. C. Pollacco, S. Reichert, J. Y. Rousse, A. T. Saito, S. Sakaguchi, M. Sako, C. Santamaria, M. Sasano, H. Sato, M. Shikata, Y. Shimizu, Y. Shindo, L. Stuhl, T. Sumikama, M. Tabata, Y. Togano, J. Tsubota, T. Uesaka, Z. H. Yang, J. Yasuda, K. Yoneda, J. Zenihiro

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


Dineutron decay is a forefront topic in nuclear structure that still lacks a firm experimental claim. The spontaneous emission of a dineutron should be favored in nuclei that are unbound with respect to two-neutron emission but bound with respect to single-neutron emission. A very interesting candidate can be found by adding two neutrons to the most neutron-rich Beryllium isotope, (formula presented)Be, a well-known 2n-halo nucleus. The intriguing nature of the phenomenon has motivated recent theoretical calculations and a new experimental campaign at RIKEN RIBF. In this work, the decay properties of (formula presented)Be and the structure of (formula presented)Be have been probed via the proton-knockout reaction from a (formula presented)B beam.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationRecent Progress in Few-Body Physics - Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics, FB22 2018
EditorsN.A. Orr, F.M. Marqués, M. Ploszajczak, J. Carbonell
Number of pages5
ISBN (Print)9783030323561
Publication statusPublished - 2020
Event22nd International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics, FB22 2018 - Caen, France
Duration: Jul 9 2018Jul 13 2018

Publication series

NameSpringer Proceedings in Physics
ISSN (Print)0930-8989
ISSN (Electronic)1867-4941


Conference22nd International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics, FB22 2018

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  • General Physics and Astronomy


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