Search for possible bound Tcc and Tcs on the lattice

Yoichi Ikeda

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Possible bound states of charmed tetraquarks Tcc = (ccud) and Tcs = (csud) are studied through the s-wave meson-meson interactions, D-D, K -D, D-D∗ and K-D∗, in (2+1)-flavor full QCD sim- ulations with the pion mass mπ ≃ 410, 570 and 700 MeV. To treat the charm-quark dynamics properly, the relativistic heavy quark action is employed. Applying the HAL QCD method to the meson-meson systems, we extract the s-wave potentials between two mesons in lattice QCD simulations, from which the meson-meson scattering phase shifts are also calculated. The phase shifts in the isospin triplet (I=1) channels indicate repulsive interactions, while those in the isospin singlet (I = 0) channels suggest attraction, growing as π decreases. This is particularly promi- nent in the Tcc(JP = 1+, I = 0) channel, though neither bound state nor resonance are found in the range π = 410-700 MeV.

Original languageEnglish
Article number261
JournalProceedings of Science
Publication statusPublished - 2013
Externally publishedYes
Event31st International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, LATTICE 2013 - Mainz, Germany
Duration: Jul 29 2013Aug 3 2013

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